Nigeria High Commission Canberra-Australia
Nigeria High Commission Canberra-Australia

Lost passports can only be replaced after clearance from Abuja in addition to the payment of the non-refundable processing fee of AU$100.00 per passport.

The following will need to be sent to Canberra:

Non-refundable processing fee – AU$100.00 (Money Order or Bank Cheque)made out to Nigeria High Commission.
Letter to immigration reporting the lost passport giving details of the passport:
a) Date of loss
b) Circumstances of loss
c) Place of loss
d) Passport number
e) Place of issue
f) Date of issue
g) Contact phone number & email address
Extract of police report about the lost passport (NOT police number)
Sworn court affidavit on the lost passport
Photocopies of the lost passport

Mission will contact you after clearance has been obtained. You will then need to book an appointment to come to Canberra and bring along the following

AU$50 money order (Administrative fee)
Completed on-line application form:
On-line payment slip (payment made online in local currency (Naira) 28,800.00
Duly completed guarantor’s form endorsed by a Justice of Peace (JP) or other person who can certify legal documents. This is mandatory for all applicants. form must be filled out by a Nigerian over the age of 18 who holds a Nigerian passport and Nigerian national ID or Driver’s license either Australian or Nigerian.
2 recent photographs
Pre-paid trackable return envelope, (we suggest a platinum express envelop) addressed to yourself
Birth certificate for minors under 16 years
Letter of consent from both parents for minors under 16 years
2 Data Form (attached)

List of Lost Passports with the Mission

If your passport is listed below, please contact us on 02 6215 8500 or email

1 Nkolika Bridget Egbo A000916652
2 Olanrewaju Akinwunmi A01526025
3 Obinna Joseph Paul Ogu A00874469
4 Nzube Francis Ibeachu A00614407
5 Iyiola Alade Ajayi A04158150
6 Victor Asiodu A0875517
7 Charles Olatunde Arosanyin A3446770A
8 Raymond Eleanya Dede A3580313A
9 Onyekachi Peter Okezie A2966233
10 Olumide Abidemi Macaulay 232/094944 (Ecowas Travel Certificate)